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Nordjyllands Historiske Museum arbejder med forskning, indsamling, dokumentation, bevaring og formidling af lokal- og kulturhistorie i Aalborg, Mariagerfjord, Rebild og Jammerbugt Kommuner.
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The Historical Museum of North Jutland has washed all the pieces of wreckage to remove any fuel residues, so the pieces can be displayed in a temporary exhibition, which opens on Ascension Day, Thursday 25th May at the western marina, Skudehavnen, in Aalborg at the same location where Aalborg Street Food will open its doors.


The pilot’s watch was found together with other personal items, which will now be exhibited for a limited period. The watch is broken, and the hands are missing. It appears to have stopped at the time of the crash. What is left of the hands indicate that the time of the crash was approximately 2pm. The museum is in no doubt that the watch belongs to the pilot, as his initials are etched on the back of the watch: HW – Hans Wunderlich.


Also found in the wreckage was a pocket calendar, the Luftwaffe-version of “Der Soldatenfreund”. It is both a diary and a handbook containing various information on e.g. English planes (silhouette drawings), military ranks, etc. The pocket calendar is one of several personal items, which will be on display in a temporary exhibition in Aalborg.


Wreckage of German plane to be exhibited in Aalborg

25th May – 8th June, daily 1pm – 8pm

Skudehavnsvej 35-37, 9000 Aalborg

The Historical Museum of North Jutland will exhibit the wreckage and other findings from the plane for only two weeks
The wreckage of the German Messerschmitt plane, which was found in March in a field near Birkelse in North Jutland, will now be exhibited in Aalborg for a limited period. The Historical Museum of North Jutland has succeeded in finding a suitable location for the exhibition of the wreckage and some of the pilot’s personal belongings.

The exhibition will open on Ascension Day, Thursday 25th May, at 1pm, on Skudehavnsvej 35-37, and will be open daily from 1pm – 8pm for the following two weeks until 8th June. The father and son, who found the plane, Klaus and Daniel Kristiansen, and museum director Lars Nørbach, will open the exhibition. The press is welcome at the opening.

At the same address by the marina in Aalborg’s Vestbyen, Aalborg Street Food will open its doors for the first time, so the large warehouse will be well worth a visit.

“It’s amazing that we have been able to find such a centrally located venue, which on top of it all has several interesting activities at the same address,“ says Lars Nørbach, director of the Historical Museum of North Jutland, who is behind the exhibition. He hopes that the Street Food market and the museum’s exhibition will benefit mutually from the new, temporary joint facilities and attract many visitors to the marina.

The exhibition
The exhibition will provide the public with a closer look at the many pieces of the plane wreckage, which were dug up in the field near Birkelse, amongst others the plane’s Daimler-Benz motor, the aft wheel, instruments from the cockpit, propeller fragments, a machine gun, and parts of the landing gear.

Several of the pilot Hans Wunderlich’s personal items were also found and subsequently cleaned at the Conservation Centre in Region North Jutland. These items will be displayed in the secure showcase, which the museum was able to acquire a couple of years ago thanks to a donation from the Spar Nord Foundation.
Among the items displayed in the showcase will be Hans Wunderlich’s wristwatch, his service records, his wallet with coins, cigarette paper, condoms, meal vouchers and the pilot’s pocket calendar.

Also on display will be some of his clothes, amongst others his uniform jacket with the emblem of the Luftwaffe, together with his parachute, life jacket and side cap.

The exhibition will tell the exciting story surrounding the discovery of the plane and the museum’s subsequent efforts to secure and restore the wreckage and identify the pilot. There will be eyewitness accounts, descriptions and statistics on the many crashes by Messerschmitt fighter planes during training.
A separate section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the story of Hans Wunderlich, his background and the circumstances surrounding his death.
To put everything in context there will be a short description of Aalborg during the occupation, the three German airbases and the German presence in the city as well as a chronology over the most important events in the World-Denmark-Aalborg.

Time and place:
Official opening on Ascension Day, Thursday 25th May, 1pm.
The press is welcome.
Skudehavnsvej 35-37, 9000 Aalborg
25th May – 8th June, daily 1pm – 8pm.

Adults (18+): DKK 50
Children 7-17: DKK 25
Children 0-6: Free of admission

Aalborg Historiske Museum:



Aalborg Historiske Museum

Algade 48
9000 Aalborg


Aalborg Historiske Museum

Algade 48
9000 Aalborg

Tlf. +45 9931 7400

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