Museum shop

Here, you will find something for both young and old, e. g. old-fashioned and modern, beautiful, funny and nostalgic items. Briefly: something to everybody’s taste.
Take a look inside and be inspired.

We sell books, jewellery, pearls, old-fashioned toys, cut-out dolls and sheets, scraps, copies of old glasses, pins, soap, body butter and other goodies, candies, sweets, posters, post cards, gift vouchers, mead, honey, mustard, lutendrank (spicy wine), tools of horn, pottery, cultural games, Kay Bojesen’s wooden figures, “hoptimists”, hyacinth glasses, spice, salt and many other exciting items.

On this page, you can find actual offers and a small portion of our assortment.

You can visit the shop without buying ticket to the museum.

You can phone the museum shop on tel. no. 99 31 74 20 or send a mail to Birgitte Neergaard-Petersen:
The museum shop follows the opening hours of the museum and is also ticket sales office and entrance of the museum.